Sarah May

TV Psychic Medium

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Book yourself a 40minute reading with me for £50
40 minute reading Any option face to face or call
Sarah has a unique way of healing...using her eyes she will scan...where necessary she will appy her healing techniques which will be hands on...she intuitively links with your mind and sends affirmations to you....telepathically.  If necessary she will do some surgery.   Often past,...current blockages hinder our physycal well being.  You will either listen to one of her chanelled meditations during this process or some music will be playing in the background...If you book two sessions in one month she will do them for a total of £35.
Individual Healing session with Sarah May £25
Sometimes we have energy in our homes that is a  little will not remove this by using sage as spirits are intelligent beings and we need to work out why they are there and move them on.  This is never negative ...there is always a good reason and everyone involved will feel the release.  Please remember the living are more harmful that the spirit are.  It takes soemone who fully understands energy to do this and Sarah teaches many the understandings of the whys and wherefores
House or energy clearance via phone or internet £35
Book your phone/skype/ facetime/facebook video reading for 20 mins.  ).  Once booked email Sarah at
£30.00 only Phone/Facetime/Fb Video/Skype Reading 20 mins
Please pay for your 121 Reading with Sarah here and a date will be arranged.  The reading will be at  Sarah May Heart Centre, Earlswood or Coffee 1 Shirley......or in your home locally.  Sarah will use mediumship in all of her readings and will also link on a psychic level.  Oracle cards will be chosen and messages will be given of past, present and future with vallidations and evidence.
Reading at Sarah May Heart Centre Earlswood Coffee 1 Shirley or at your home
This will be a personal reading lasting upto 30 minutes.  Sarah usually does pure mediumship and psychic readings this way with no tools.  Offering communicaton from loved ones and looking at past, present and future for you.
Reading via Skype/Phone/Facetime or Oovoo
This is the extended version offering  more time as Sarah links mediumistically and psychically to bring messages from spirit and looking into past, present and future and will last upto 1 hour.
Reading via Skype/phone/facetime/Oovoo